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Spring Return Ball Valves

Butterfly Damper

Butterfly dampers - Ideal for demanding environments like mining, cement, industrial, and power applications, these dampers excel where abrasion, corrosion, and dust-loading are prevalent. Engineered for maximum reliability, butterfly dampers offer unparalleled sealing efficiency while providing reasonable control over airflow. Whether you're upgrading your ventilation system or enhancing industrial processes, trust butterfly dampers to deliver superior performance, durability, and peace of mind

Louver Damper

Louver dampers are essential airflow control devices with angled blades that regulate air or gas flow in ventilation systems and industrial processes. They offer precise airflow management and durability, making them ideal for industries like mining, cement, and power generation.

Guillotine Damper

Guillotine dampers are robust airflow control devices used in industrial settings to regulate the flow of gases. They consist of a flat, plate-like blade (resembling a guillotine) that moves vertically within a frame to either open or close the flow path. Guillotine dampers are particularly valued for their ability to provide fast and reliable shut-off when necessary, making them suitable for emergency situations or maintenance procedures where immediate flow cessation is crucial. They are commonly employed in industries such as power generation, petrochemical, and refining, where precise control of gas flow is essential for safety and operational efficiency.


  • Oil & Gas - Onshore & Offshore

  • Water Distribution Systems

  • Paper and Pulp Industry

  • Refineries

  • Chemical & Petrochemicals

  • Storage Vessels and Tanks

  • Marine Application

  • Fire Protection Systems

  • Mining Operations

Key Features

  • Robust Designs

  • High Quality Raw Materials

  • Reliable Performance

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Long-Term Reliability

  • Durable Construction

Diverter Damper

Diverter dampers are specialized airflow control devices used to redirect the flow of gases or air within industrial ductwork or systems. They consist of multiple blades or vanes arranged in a housing, allowing the diversion of airflow between different outlets or pathways. These dampers are essential for optimizing airflow distribution, preventing backflow, and facilitating efficient operation in various industries, including power generation, chemical processing, and waste incineration.

Inlet Vane Control Damper

Inlet vane control dampers are airflow control devices used in ventilation systems, particularly in air handling units (AHUs) and HVAC systems. They consist of adjustable vanes or blades positioned at the inlet of an air duct or fan. These vanes can be rotated to control the volume and velocity of air entering the system, thereby regulating the flow rate and pressure.

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